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Finding a best software development company in Aurangabad? Then, you are at the right web page of the internet because Splash InfoTech is one of the best and most reliable IT companies to fulfil your IT related requirements. We are a team of highly skilled and professional developers to help non-techie business owners so that they don't face any kind of problems and they can easily focus on other aspects of their business. Our experts provide you with the best solution and guidance around your project and we will also make sure that you get the best of the best.

Finding the best software development company in Aurangabad is a little hectic task because there are multiple companies in Aurangabad but very few are best and our company is one of them. Our working capability and work quality make Splash InfoTech one the best Software development company in Aurangabad. Our team and their hard work make us proud in industry for our work.

Customize Software Developers in Aurangabad

Most of the software development companies have their own pre-build or pre-made software development and very few customize it as per your need but if you choose Splash InfoTech for your software development work in Aurangabad then you can assure that you will get best features, functions and customization in your software as per your demand. From designing to its UI/UX and features everything can be customized at our company as per your demand and all this will be done at affordable prices.

Our prices are very competitive and our work quality is best in the market. We believe in proving the best product as per consumer demand. Our client satisfaction is the most important thing for our company. Our professionals put maximum efforts to bring quality products to our customers. Whenever it comes to customized software development solutions in Aurangabad, our company has been the first choice of customers. Of course we constantly do hard work to improve our work quality but along with we are known in the market for our work transparency and authenticity.

Top Rated IT Company in Aurangabad

Are you looking for a company which can solve all your software development or IT related queries then I don't think there is another better option than Splash InfoTech. Our work quality, skills, team and work on demand capability, customization in project as per our customers make us one of the best and top rated IT Company in Aurangabad. Our company is a complete solution for non-techie business owners who want to adopt technology for their business. But not able to adopt it conveniently.

Our super hard working team and their amazing skills make our company one of the most proficient and capable companies in Aurangabad to handle all kinds of IT projects. We have proper teams and departments to handle the work flow projects that make our work errors free and faster than other IT companies. We are known in the market for our quality work at a competitive price.

Types of Software Rankers Web Develop for Clients

Paying Guest Hostel Management

If you are owning a PG business but facing management issues then having a customized software can be a perfect solution for all of yours solutions. Our team will provide you best support and guidance and we design and develop. All features as per your need and requirement. By having a software you can manage all your guest data, their details, documents data and lot more things can be done with the help of a software.


A CRM software is a best way to manage your customer’s data, profiles, payment details, deals details and lot more. You can say it's a complete package of customer management and by having a customized CRM software you get full accessibility to optimize all your tasks. At Splash InfoTech you get full customization according to your need and quality work at affordable pricing.


In today world real estate business has been so far as compared to traditional methods. Now, if you want to try it as a proper business then it requires a proper team, technology and execution of a plan. By having technology in your business you get better and a lot of options. Along with this you can automate your lots of tasks and by doing this your cost will go down and productivity will get increased.

HRMS & Payrolls

In a start-up or company, HRMS & payroll is one of the time consuming and hectic work but this can be easily tackled with the help of technology integration in your business. By having a software in your entity you can manage your HRMS and payroll very easily and effectively. Along with this it will make your process error free and quick. By chance if you find something wrong then our team is there to help you.

Inventory Management

Literally, inventory management is a very difficult task because in a whole day there is counting how many times products will go out and in. But by having a software you can manage all this data and also you can track what is available in stock, what needs to fulfil and data that is required to run a proper inventory. One more thing that make software very important for inventory management that is its boot your work productivity as compared to traditional methods.

Advocate Service Management

Are you an advocate and get frustrated between files, hearings, case studies, clients data and other law related stuff? Then by just having a software you can short all these problems. If you don't have an idea how you can do this and need guidance and a solution then our company is best in Aurangabad. Our team will help your from scratch to the end


If you get confused and are not able to manage your inventory, profit, loss, trending products data then having a POS software can be a perfect solution for you. By having POS software you can easily see, extract and filter these kinds of data. Software developed at Splash InfoTech are highly customer, smooth and easy to use and of course we add features as per your need.

Education, School

A school has lots of data that can't be managed on paper. Literally, school teachers, student’s information, fess, other staff details, clothes and other stuff inventory and such more things come in a form of data when you are running a school. If you really want to save your lots of time and money in data entry and want to make this whole process fast, easy and secure then having a software is a great solution.

Learning Management

If you are an independent teacher and want to scale it further at a good level then you can't imagine it without technology. Technology does the work of multiple people with 99.99% accuracy and greater speed. By having a software you can control all your studies material and can build a proper education business. Need proper guidance and support to come to us.

Repair Shop Software

Personal thought that repairing is one of the most successful business ideas and repairing work exists in almost every kind of industry. Now it's up to you how big you want to make your repairing business or shop. If you want to scale it without losing customers, efficiency and productivity then you need technology in your business and having a software is the first step where you manage all kinds of payment details, customer information, inventory information etc.

Home Services

Do you provide home services like home cleaning, how tuition, home barbering and such more services that can be scalable then you should scale it. By having a perfect and fully customized software as per your need can help you to do this easily and effectively and our team is the best software development company in Aurangabad to help you.

SMEs/ Industrial House

Do you have any jndhrial house or are you one of the SMEs? In both cases you must be awarded about who is difficult to manage the company at a loss with high productivity. There are lots of hundreds day to day and after that daily basis repetitive work makes mood bad but this can be taken with the help of automation and automation can be easily done with the help of a software. This is one of the affordable and reliable ways of automating repetitive tasks.

Hospital Management

Too hard to manage hospital without technology integration from patients details to doctors details, beds, ventilator, nurses, medicine, blood bank and lots more data can't be handled without a proper software and most of the times these software are customized and powerful so that you can easily all the data and Splash InfoTech is best customized software development company in Aurangabad.

Service Management

By having a software you can manage all kinds of services at one place and you can also teach which service is performing well or which one isn't. All this data can help you in improvisation and growth of your business. If you doubt or need guidance around this then make sure you connect with our team for further discussion and help.

Food Delivery

As easy you will make a food delivery business, as many customers you can grab. If you are running a food delivery business then you already know that a proper management of orders and customers is the key to your business success but it can be done manually after a short period of time. Therefore, the best way to make the food delivery business more smooth, effective and easy is to have personal and customized software.


Logistics business is also all about the proper management of goods and a proper tracking of on road goods, inventory etc. All this cannot happen without proper technology. You need a perfect setup of gps and a personalized and customized software to manage all this stuff and our team is completely dedicated to help non-techie business owners for their techie approach. Our highly skilled team and experts are always available to help you.

Billing, Sales, Accounting

Billing, sales and accoun6are common things in an start up or small or big size company and there is no doubt that already multiple tally software are available in market but if you want some customization and extra features in that software, you won't be able to do that but having a personal billing and accounting software you can easily do this and most important your data will safe.


ERP is another great software based approach for business at affordable prices that helps businesses in their day to day work. ERP software is also one the best ways of automation of your repetitive task and at Splash InfoTech you get much customization that gives you freedom to choose things as per your need. Our professionals will guide you from scratch to end so that you don't face any hurdles.

Steps of Software Development We Follow

Importance of Software for Business Growth in 2021


Data Analysis

In today's era, finding a great piece of data which can do wonders for your business is quite difficult. That's the reason companies use forwarded to store all kinds of random software and after that they perform analysis using that software and with the help of software this whole process gets fast and easy.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is also a kind of data which is specifically stored to manage and communicate with customers. By having a CRM software your lots of daily time taking work get cut down and within a few minutes or hour's you can connect with your customers and can solve their queries. A CRM software is a must in every company.

Work Automation

How can you automate your workflow? How to handle time loss of repetitive tasks? These kinds of questions are natural if you are running a business and there is a great solution to all these problems and that is, have customized personal software for your company where you will have access to automation.

Cost Effective

The cost effective is a bother bug reason why you need a software for your business 2021. A software has the potential to automate your lots of work. By automation you can easily increase your productivity in less cost.

Higher Productivity

Again, a great reason why you need software. All these things come together in a single software. How to achieve big in less time? Always comes in mind as an entrepreneur and having technology integration in your business is one of the way to do this.

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